Review: “Oberst leaves you shattered”

ASSASSINS is a short film that inspired a feature film. The feature is set for a 2016 releaseHere’s the short, with Bill Oberst Jr. as the character he reprises in the feature. Mike Bonomo directed both: 

Preston Barta reviewed the short for Red Carpet Crash:

Mike Bonomo creates a spine tingling short about two assassins who meet each other at the scene of a murder. Actor Bill Oberst Jr. gives himself over completely and leaves you shattered as the pro-assassin, Nathan.

Nathan decides to pass on some helpful wisdom to Walter, a pissed-scared assassin who knows little to none of what it takes to be successful in this line of work. Writer and director, Mike Bonomo is a gifted writer and director to watch. His script is paced very well, the editing is sharp, and the cinematography is brilliant.

‘ASSASSINS’ is currently making the rounds at film festivals.”

Preston Barta is film critic for KTFW and Red carpet Crash, among others.






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