CBS Criminal Minds

CBS Criminal Minds: Blood Relations

The “Blood Relations” episode of the CBS-TV series “Criminal Minds” guest-starring Adrienne Barbeau, Tobin Bell and Bill Oberst Jr. was the evening’s most-watched program on its premiere, averaging 10.4 million viewers and beating “American Idol” in the 18-49 demographic for the first time.


CBS has included Oberst’s character in their list of The Most Notorious Serial Killers in Criminal Minds history. Series star Matthew Gray Gubler directed “Blood Relations” from a script by producer Breen Frazier. (Images courtesy of CBS)

"One of the most terrifying episodes of Criminal Minds ever."

TV Over Mind

“Director Matthew Gray Gubler and actor Bill Oberst Jr. scare the hell out of you and almost make you feel sorry for a killer.”

Buddy TV

“There is a deeply hurt individual within the worst killers. The performance Matthew Gray Gubler and Bill Oberst Jr. produced was heartbreaking...”

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