Trevor Juenger’s script for the art-house horror film Coyote made me slow down.

Actors read a lot of scripts and we read them quickly. We are selfish pigs (as are all humans by nature) so we scan scripts until we get to our prospective character’s lines, only then do we slow down and savor every word. God help us.

Juenger, a young and gifted filmmaker whose base of operations is – horror of horrors – outside of LA, sent me the script in November with a note saying “I started working on this screenplay after you contacted me.  I’ve had you in mind before the first letter was typed.  I can’t see anyone other than you in the role. Let me know if you are interested. It’s a little rough around the edges at the moment, but I feel I’ve got something good here. “

“I feel I’ve got something good here”  What an eloquent understatement that was. Juenger, whose style of cinematic storytelling is anything but linear (see reviews here for his last features Johnny Be Gone and Hermetica) is literate, whimsical and darkly twisted, which makes him very appealing to me as an actor. I wrote him and told him so. Then he writes this script and now it is in my hands. I open the file. I start to scan. I stop. I go back to the top. I read every word. Twice. You would too.

The very small script excerpt above may intrigue you to learn more about the project. Here’s the simplified synopsis:

Bill is an insomniac writer whose sleep-deprived hallucinations distort reality as paranoia drives him to extreme violence.

Umm yeah, again a bit of an understatement. Bill comes off the rails. Bill goes beyond apeshit. Bill’s nightmares would give Freddy nightmares….there are nude women sucking insect claw thumbs, there’s some of the most brutal violence I’ve ever seen in a script, there are bloody dog skins worn as headgear. The whole thing is a hypnotic mind-_ _ _ _.

I’ll play Bill. If we can raise the money to make it. The budget is small. The material is amazing and most disturbing. I’ve contributed, and I’m asking if you can help. A buck, five, twenty-five, more…whatever you can handle. The premiums Trevor is offering up are pretty inventive. One of my favorites is a digital copy of the finished film BEFORE the premiere. That’s for five bucks. See the others here at the Indie Go-Go page for Coyote.

This is horror at its most exciting level; a micro-budget art-house film shot in Missouri. It could not be further from the corporate horror mill, or from the endless and mindless low-budget slasher films. Coyote is brutal, but it is not a gorefest. It is thinking man’s horror. It is something fresh in a genre that has needed refreshing for a long time. It is a seed. If you can help us plant it, I give you my word that I’ll give it everything I have to make your investment return shivers of bloody, wtf, unsettling delight.

Help Trevor Juenger make his movie. Do it now, please? As they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  And good wishes. Unfortunately neither of them is legal tender. Thanks for your ear.  ~ Bill

Detail of hell from William Blake's "Jerusalem." Probably guys who are tormented for not supporting a great indie horror film :)








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