I do this show because I kept dreaming about it. Literally; I kept having a dream in which I was jumping around a stage acting out stories from Genesis! Maybe it was something I ate. In any case, after many nights of this, I asked God to show me how to do it. “If you’ll show me what to do,” I said “I’ll do it.’ And, as usual, He did…

Genesis--Bill Oberst JrMy Genesis is selective (with a running time of 50 minutes it has to be!) but not edited. I do versions of Creation & Fall; Cain & Abel; Abram & Sarah and Joseph & His Brothers, all drawn from both Bible and Torah (the Jewish Publication Society’s Tanakh.) My goal is to be faithful to the original language and to capture the human drama of Genesis without asking people to sit for more than an hour.

And oh what language! So alive; so vibrant. And what stories! Murder, rape, incest, polygamy, jealousy, lying, stealing…the people of Genesis are a soap opera.

However you choose to take Genesis, you can come to this ancient text and perhaps see someone you recognize. Poetic, graceful, powerful and poignant, Genesis is the story of us.

If you’d like to talk about a performance, drop me line. I love doing this piece.

– Bill

A Blast From Bill’s Theatrical Past

Bill once toured in a show celebrating early stand-up comedy. He played Woody Allen. Here’s a clip.

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