Horror Film


“Bill Oberst Jr. is a film saver, and he has a good chance of becoming America’s next boogeyman.”


The Anatomy of Fear

Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies

Bill Oberst- Abraham Lincoln

“Bill Oberst Jr is legitimately great in the role of Lincoln. He could easily play him in a biopic that didn’t involve dismembering heads every five minutes.”

– JoBlo.com


“In a single scene as the enigmatic Frenchman Byron, Oberst manages to steal the show.”

– Fangoria


“With a volume of credits that could make Tom Hanks blush, fan favorite Bill Oberst Jr. is the Kevin Bacon of horror.”

– Famous Monsters



“Horror fans don’t often grant performers legendary status. We limit inclusion into the upper echelon to the few who break through and win our undying respect and admiration. Bill Oberst, Jr. is doing just that.”

– Dread Central

The Beast


“Some actors would overdo it….Oberst went deep.”

– Jason Zada in Advertising Age (on his Emmy Award-winning Take This Lollipop)

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