A One-Man Christmas Carol


A One-Man Christmas Carol

I start this performance with the words “A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens….slightly abridged.” And that’s the last breath I take for the next hour.

Bill Oberst - Christmas Carol

“A breathless 50 minutes - Oberst is a superb actor with a fine appreciation for both language and history.”

– Kathryn Martin, The Sun News

I hope what I do with Mr. Dickens’ timeless tale is faithful as well as being slightly frantic (and frequently funny.) What’s not abridged is the language.

I love this text; like chocolate mousse to the ear! Once after a school performance a girl just stared at me and asked “What’s that talk you were talking?”

I said, “It’s called English.”

This show gets me excited every fall when I start practicing for the December tour. In the end, all I really want for Christmas is for someone to leave my little dose of Dickens thinking “Gosh, now I’d like to read the book!”

If you’d like to talk about a performance, say hello. And God bless us, every one!

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