Ray Bradbury’s Pillar of Fire


Ray Bradbury’s Pillar Of Fire is a 50-minute one act; a (very) theatrical reading of an early Bradbury classic which opened in Los Angeles to sold-out houses in a production directed by Ezra Buzzington. It won an Ernest Kearney Platinum Medal and was named Best Solo Show Of Hollywood Fringe 2015 by Bitter Lemons. In 2017 the show won a United Solo Theatre Festival Award for its Off-Broadway debut in New York City.


Read some audience reviews here. Some Los Angeles critic reviews are here, here, and here. Audible‘s exclusive audio production of the show is here.


Now the show is on tour in Europe and in the USA. You can contact me directly about booking a show. An EPK on the touring version of the show is right here.


When Bradbury met Walt Disney, he blurted out “Mr. Disney, my name is Ray Bradbury and I love you!” One day, out beyond Alpha Centauri, I hope to say the same to Ray. Until then, I’ll be marveling at his words and his ideas, as I’ve done since I was a boy.  “Mr. Bradbury, my name is Bill Oberst Jr. and I love you!”


Pillar of Fire is read with the permission of Don Congdon Associates,Inc. on behalf of Ray Bradbury Enterprises, Inc. Copyright 1948 Love Romances, Inc.

“Part storyteller, part zombie, part magician, Oberst commands the stage.”

– Mike Thomas, MoreHorror.com

“Oberst’s storytelling will send psychological chills up your spine…a superior performance. Do not miss!”

– Tracey Paleo, GiaOnTheMove.com

“Brilliant and compelling”

– Meredith McGowan, Los Angeles Public Library

“This is Ray Bradbury at his early best, and in Oberst’s skillful hands, it just flows.”

– Ed Goodman, Producer “The Poe Show”

“Hollywood Fringe Platinum Medal winner…Oberst does not perform the role of Lantry, he exists in it. Truly remarkable work.”

– Ernest Kearney, TheTVolution.com