Ray Bradbury Pillar Of Fire: Bill Oberst Jr. in performance Los Angeles 2017

Audience Reviews: “Ray Bradbury’s Pillar Of Fire”

Sample audience reviews from the Los Angeles debut of “Ray Bradbury’s Pillar Of Fire,” a solo stage adaptation by Bill Oberst Jr. of Ray Bradbury’s dark 1948 novella. The show opened at the 2015 Hollywood Fringe Festival and ran for two blocks of sold-out performances at Theatre Of NOTE and Hudson Theatre, winning an Ernest Kearney Platinum Award and a “Best Solo Show” nod from Bitter Lemons in its Best Of LA Theatre 2015 Roundup. After touring the show to several college campuses and performing it in  Germany, Oberst performed “Ray Bradbury’s Pillar Of Fire” Off-Broadway as a part of the United Solo Theatre Festival in New York in 2017, receiving a United Solo Award. All comments were left on the Hollywood Fringe official website:

“Bill Oberst Jr. was brilliant and compelling.”

“If you can only see one show this year, THIS IS THE ONE.”

“Outstanding performance from Oberst, a performer of enormous charisma who turns Bradbury’s cryptic, eerie story into a compelling one hour drama. Highly recommended.”

“I was enthralled when I saw it the first time. With great pleasure I returned for the final performance and was not disappointed. One could even close their eyes and see this character come to life – colorful, humorous, full of rage, and sad, all at the same time. Bravo.”

PAUL EDWARDS June 07, 2015
“Bill Oberst Jr. gives life to Ray Bradbury’s words. Through intense physicality and an impassioned delivery, he tells the story of William Lantry, the last monster in the world. A haunting story, masterfully told and staged. This show gets my highest recommendation.”

“The performance is masterful. A dance of darkness begins and we find dead superstition arisen as William Lantry in the NEW world. Bradbury’s masterful text is resurrected, the sound exact, and the future scientist appropriately serene. Brilliant to construct a world with some dirt, chalk and our minds. You will be consumed!”

“Bill Oberst Jr is fantastic. Let’s just get that out of the way. It’s a one man show and he’s the man. And he’s huge. Such a great performance. To say “And the the material is Ray Bradbury” is underselling the weight of what’s going on here. This is Ray Bradbury at his early best. You can see so much of his future stories in this piece. Poe, Lovecraft, fire, autumn, a seemingly absurd premise played out to its logical and most human conclusion. Censorship. Persecution. Technological neo-puritanism. It’s all there. And in Oberst’s skillful hands, it just flows. There are no real highlights. The whole thing is a highlight. Here’s how you know. The lights went out and I was sorry it was over. In fact, with 2000 shows to see, I’ll probably see this one again. Pillar of Fire doesn’t have many performances and not a lot of people are talking about it. It’s not a fringy piece. It’s just a great piece of living, breathing art that you probably won’t see anywhere else. So, if you want to balance your Fringe dance card with some serious kick ass, this is the show. And now that I’ve written about it, I’m sure. I am gonna see it again.”

“Truly remarkable work. One one of the very best, if not the best, solo show the Fringe had to offer.”

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Bill Oberst Jr.

Horror icon Bill Oberst Jr. is an Emmy-winning actor of stage and screen, a producer, an award-winning podcast host, an Audible.com narrator and a veteran of over 190 film and television projects. His character on CBS-TV's "Criminal Minds" is included in the network's list of "Most Notorious Serial Killers" in the series' history at CBS.com. Major awards include a Daytime Emmy Award, the inaugural Lon Chaney Award For Excellence In Horror Cinema presented by the Chaney family, and 25 others. Bill's touring stage project, "Ray Bradbury Live (forever)" won a United Solo Award for its Off-Broadway debut and is authorized by the Ray Bradbury estate. His fiction podcast, "Bill Oberst Jr.'s Gothic Goodnight", is a 5-Star review recipient on Apple Podcasts.

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